“Exceeding National Quality Standards” – Rating for our Preschool announced!


Our Preschool team is celebrating after we have received the ratings report on 5 December 2013:


The Preschool achieved an overall “Exceeding National Quality Standards (NQS)”, with “Exceeding” in 6 of the 7 Quality Areas!


In NSW, this rating has only been achieved by 14.4% of all services assessed up to 30 September (1290 services have been assessed so far in NSW, which is about 1/3 of all services in NSW).


Please join us in congratulating the Preschool-team (Silke Bethke, Gudrun Daniels, Gaby Lauschet, Catherine Squire Blatti, Jonna Vinje) on this great achievement and the great work they are putting in on a daily basis and also in preparation for the rating visit (which was on 5 November).


Background on the rating system:

Under the National Quality Framework (NQF) all children’s services are rated as:


(1)    Significant Improvement Required

(2)    Working Towards National Quality Standards (NQS)

(3)    Meeting NQS

(4)    Exceeding NQS

(5)    Excellent *


Within the initial rating, “Exceeding NQS” is the highest rating; only services who have been rated as “Exceeding NQS” can then apply to ACECQA for an “Excellent” rating (Australia-wide so far only 4 services have achieved this). Details can be found at www.acecqa.gov.au.


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