Teacher Training


The continuing education of teachers ensures the quality of a school. Therefore teachers must develop themselves professionally, on subject and pedagogically if their work at the school is to be at its academic best.

In addition to the necessary daily research of reading books, newspapers, (technical) magazines, television and internet, training seminars play a major role. While the latter keeps us “up to date”, provides us with new insights and ideas for school and education, they are also an essential element for teaching.

A large part of the training seminars offered are held in Sydney by Australian authorities, associations like the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) or private training companies, and our teachers participate in these courses along with many other teachers from Australian schools.

Another important component of our teachers training is regional and international training seminars for German Schools Abroad. Sydney falls under Region 20 (Southeast Asia/ Australia) and the training centre is based in Singapore. It is here that the regional teachers training workshops are coordinate. Teachers from all German Schools in the region attend. These events are financially supported by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad in Cologne. These courses are a requirement for both German Schools Abroad and schools within Germany. They are essential in order to maintain and develop the quality of the school in all areas (education, lessons, school organisation, school atmosphere and development) and to best prepare students for exams. This means that our teachers may have to travel and take part in courses in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, New Delhi and perhaps even in Tokyo (which comes under region 21). Here you can find more information about the German Schools Abroad Regions 20 & 21.

However this training alone is not enough. The teacher who took part in this training then shares the information with his/her colleagues in a so-called SchiLF (School Internal Teacher Training).  This way we can ensure that it is not only the individual staff members who benefit but all other colleagues and students as a whole.

Another aspect of staff development at GISS is lesson visits; teachers at GISS attend another colleague’s lesson to ensure that we continuously improve our quality of teaching. This is a part of the self evaluation of teaching whereby teachers provide their colleagues with valuable feedback about their work and information for further development.



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