Construction of new classrooms is under way

Construction of new classrooms is under way

To the great delight of some young boys a large yellow backhoe has started preparing the site for our new classrooms behind the construction fence. Currently the workers are clearing the vegetation and setting up the area for the foundations.


A total of twelve containers are being modified to make up four new classrooms by an Australian company specialising in shipping container modifications. The building concept was designed by GISS parent and architect Andrew Nolan from Avalon. The classrooms will be fitted with air conditioning, carpet tiles and of course white- and pin boards. Highlight windows will provide lots of light and natural ventilation. The two bigger classrooms can be used for teaching two classes in shared lessons whereas the smaller ones will be used to teach children according to their individual abilities. “This is a brilliant solution for the school since it preserves the quality of architecture”, says Tony Camilleri of Aesthetics Architecture. “We had considered demountable classrooms first, but the containers are a better fit with the metal structure of the existing buildings such as the library”, explains the Mosman based architect who oversees the project.  


It is anticipated that the new classrooms will be ready for use beginning of term 3. We will update our GISS community via our School Facebook site in regular intervals with photos about the construction progress. So please LIKE our Facebook page if you haven’t done so yet.




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