Through our partnership with the charity, A Girl and Her World, GISS has a very close association with Fiji and we are incredibly saddened by the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston. Last year, our current Year 12 cohort did a volunteer CAS trip to Fiji, where they met Urmila, the in-country coordinator, a kind-hearted and generous person.

Sadly, Cyclone Winston hit Urmila’s small community of Rakiraki, where our friends and, the girls and families they support live. Rakiraki and their entire village and community has been ravaged by the cyclone and we are devastated to hear that Urmila’s home has been completely demolished and she has lost everything. Without Urmila and her home, she is unable to provide help to the girls supported by A Girl in Her World. In light of this, we are pleading to the generous GISS community to donate through our funding page  or visit A Girl in Her World where you can specify whether you would like your money to go towards building Urmila’s house or to the immediate disaster relief.


Please share this link far and wide to help us raise as much money as we can for this worthwhile cause. 100% of the money raised, goes directly to the affected people in Fiji.

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