The Class of May 2016 did us Proud! Congratulations to the Class of 2016! They did it!

Mrs Annie Thomson, IB Diploma Coordinator and Head of Senior School

100% pass rate and a class average of 34.6!


This average is more than 6 points above the world average and, it may still go up further once we finalise requested re-marks and/or re-moderation procedures.


Overall, the final grades for the Class of 2016 were almost exactly what their your teachers predicted and, even higher in some cases - like in Maths and Physics where some students were a little worried about the outcome.


It's so pleasing to see that not one student received anything less than a 3 in any of their subjects, and nothing less than a D in their EE (Extended Essay) or a C in ToK (Theory of Knowledge).


Further, we had some exceptional grades on the very top end, like 7s in Maths at HL, Biol HL and Eng A HL, with some 6s in Physics HL - all incredibly tough to get. Of course, as usual, we did extremely well in our group 2 languages of German B, French B and Spanish B, with lots of 7s and 6s across the board in these subjects. Our highest IB score was an outstanding 44, with another student also scoring in the mid 40s.


What a wonderful 'collective achievement' from the Class of 2016! We are so pleased and happy for you all!

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