IB Scholarship 2014


The GISS is offering two scholarships for the duration of the 2 year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB Year 11 and 12), starting in July 2014 and leading to the IB Diploma in May 2016.



Who can apply?

Students with English native speaker fluency, who are currently in Years 10 or 11.




· Students with high standard of spoken and written English

· Excellent Maths skills

· High academic potential

· Willingness to study in a multi-cultural environment

· Personal integrity

· Preferably spent at least two years in Australian school

· German language knowledge is no prerequisite, although students will be expected to choose German as one of their six IB subjects (all levels, including beginners, available)



How to apply?

· Send a personal statement to ibscholarship@germanschoolsydney.com outlining your interest in the IB, studying in a multi-cultural community and your aims for the future.

· Include copies of your last four school reports and last NAPLAN results

· Include a letter of recommendation from your current head teacher/principal or other senior teacher to evaluate your academic potential and personal integrity



What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers the school’s tuition fees (currently AUD 20,070 per year).

The following fees are payable:

- IBO examination fees (currently GBP 410, payable in December 2015)

- costs for non-returnable text books and calculator (approx. AUD 500, payable in July 2014).

Payable on acceptance of the scholarship:

- a contribution to the scholarship fund of $3000

- $500 which covers the enrolment fee, the membership for School Association (joining and annual fees for two years). A contribution to the future fund is not required.


Apply by 31st March ‘14


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