Model UN – Here we come


On the last open day four GISS students set up a cake sale to go towards funding their trip to partake in the Model UN conference in Rome. They will be delegates for various countries including Germany and discuss important issues like the arms race and how to solve the problem. For the past 6 months they have dived deep into the issues to prepare speeches and solutions to the worlds problems and find out the position the country they represent takes towards the issue. After the last dress rehearsal in April they will head to Italy to represent their chosen countries at the beginning of May for a week.


Jonas, Samuel & Felix (year 7) and Henry (year 6)


Thank you to everyone who supported the boys on Saturday. If you missed out and  still want to support their cause or listen to why they chose to partake in the program go to their gofundme pages on

www. and


If you are interested in finding out more about the conference and programme they partake, you can head to


GISS intends to partake with delegates for future Model UN conferences as well, but the starting dates are not known yet. Keep an eye out in future Gutenberg Posts for information evenings to kick off the next program.

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