Review of Talk - The Language of Light


Respected astronomer and scientist, Dr Paul Payne, gave a riveting talk to a full house of parents and students on the evening of Monday, 4 May held at the German School.

2015 is the “International Year of Light” and Dr Payne’s talk focused on how we use light to interpret what is out there in our galaxy, and beyond. He explained how stars are created.... and die, how our sun radiates rare yellow light, and how life on earth was created from rare elements that once were stars. His talk generated lots of questions and interest, especially from the enquiring minds of students.


Year 11 catered for the event with a range of delicious home baked treats, raising funds to support the school's social project "A Girl and her world".




This event was run by the Cultural Committee for the benefit of both the school and wider community.

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