A new cultural meeting place in Terrey Hills


The German International School Sydney is fast becoming a cultural meeting place, a hub for different interests for the local and northern beaches community. A new place of cultural encounters and learning, a place for talking to interesting people and make new friends. Whether you nurture your mind through panel discussions or debate the current news, celebrate arts, music or unusual sports. Following are a few events will take place between now and Christmas.


  •  “Zumba for kids” from age 5+. Get fit and have a blast with Cristina Maria Ginestra. Every Tuesday from 3.30 pm  


  • “Follow your dreams” A presentation with Kay Cottee the first woman to sail solo around the world. Tuesday 28th August 7.30pm


  • “Bilingualism” The benefits of a bilingual education for the future development.Tuesday 9th October at 7.30 pm presented by Ingrid Piller a professor for applied   linguistics at Maquarie university


  • Christmas Workshops at the German International School Sydney
    Come and spend a few creative hours with us, in preparation for Christmas. We will be holding a day of Christmas Workshops, in which you'll be able to
  • decorate Gingerbread houses and men,
  • create Christmas Cards and Decorations; and
  • enjoy some (non-alcoholic) Gluehwein, tea, or coffee; as well as
  • sample some traditional German Christmas Cookies and Cakes.
    We would love for you to come along and join us in this tradition. Friends, family and relatives are welcome!

    Date: Sunday 25th November 2012
    Workshop timeslots: 10.30-13.00h 13.30-15.00h 15.30-17.00h
    Event Producer: Gillian Shakespeare
  • “Cyber Sanity” The internet drastically changed the way children interact with the world. Eva Fraser and Gitta Johnston will present the details 27th November at 7.30pm


Says new Principle Erhard Seifert: “We are here to inspire, teach and learn from each other, so inviting experts from a diverse range of expertise to share their motivation, successes and at times failures, brings great learning, in which we are excited to include the community.

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