‘wheelie’ good fun


2013 will see the introduction of a unique and interesting sport under our extra-curriculum activities.   Gym Wheel Gymnastics will be a regular sport available for our students. 

Gym Wheel gymnastics originated in Germany in 1925 and GISS is the only school in Australia to offer this traditional sporting activity. 

There are three gym wheels of various sizes to accommodate student’s height and size.  School lessons will be available for students with a height range of 140cm to 175cm.

Made from strong metal, a Gym Wheel comprises of two massive circles with horizontal bars connecting each wheel.

While the Gym Wheel is great fun, it also provides many health and fitness benefits including improving muscle strength and flexibility.  It also, promotes correct posture and trains the core muscle group responsible for our balance.    For beginners it is best to accomplish the wheel solo, however, with practice duo gymnastics is achievable in one wheel.


The school will provide dedicated lessons for GISS students, led by Gym Wheel expert Karen Pfitzer.  Karen commenced her gym wheel training when she was 18 years old in her native Germany.  Although, she had a gap spanning many years, she returned to the sport with little effort a few months ago.  She has now refreshed her gym wheel skills and is ready to impart her knowledge of this traditional sport to the many students at the German International School Sydney.

This story had been covered by the Sydney Morning Herald. Please follow the link below to view a short film about our gym-wheel-gymnastics at the school: 



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