Subject choices

In order to assist students with their subject choice we have compiled information, requirements and the subject choice form in our
Subject Selection Brochure


If you like to find out ore details about each subject offered please download the IBO subject briefs below.

The Core

Creativity, action, service
Extended Essay
Theory of Knowledge


Group 1: Language and literature
Language (German or other mother tongue) A: literature SL/HL
Language (English) A: language and literature SL/HL


Group 2: Language acquisition
Language (French/ Spanish/ German) B - SL/HL
Language (English) B - HL
Language (Spanish/ French/ German/ Mandarin*) ab initio - SL
or any other subject from group 1


Group 3: Individuals and societies
Business management* (in English) - SL/HL
Economics (in English) - SL/HL
History (in German) -SL/HL
Information technology in a global society* (in English) - SL/HL
Philosophy (in English)* - SL/HL
Psychology (in English)* - SL/HL


Group 4: Sciences
Biology (in German) - SL/HL
Chemistry (in English) - SL/HL
Physics (in English) - SL/HL


Group 5: Mathematics
Mathematics (in English) - SL/HL


Group 6: Arts
Visual arts (in English) - SL/HL
Film* (in English) - SL
or another subject from groups 1 - 4

* This course is taught online through Pamoja Education.

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